Wind turbines
Consumer products
Medical Systems
Fans and Filters
Building physics and Climate control


Actiflow is expert in fluid dynamics. We are an engineering company that visualizes and quantifies gas and fluid flows through CFD computer simulations. The results of our computer simulations offer our customers great insights into the functioning of their system, product or building. Based on these insights, we advise our customers in a clear and understandable way how to improve their system, product or building.

When appropriate, we can also assist our customers by taking care of a large part of the product design process, together with our partner Streamlines Design. As such, we can maximize our added value in the functional design of the product, and we can secure this added value throughout the entire design process.


Our customers are manufacturers, design agencies, consultants, building companies and architects with questions about airflow or fluid flow.

These questions can involve basic wind flow, gas flow or liquid flow, but we also study complex multi phase flows, particle flows, unsteady flows and reacting flows on a day to day basis.


Actiflow likes to take on any challenge that fits well with our expertise, but we actively target the following industries:

  • Process industry
  • Medical
  • High-Tech
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Buildings - wind studies, dispersion of gas/particles, indoor climate, smoke and heat removal, and climate control in datacenters and cleanrooms

Facilities and validation

To support our services, we have a large computer cluster to carry out complex CFD flow simulations.

Moreover, we have easy access to external facilities like wind tunnels (e.g. at Delft University), and we carry out measurements in the field to validate our simulations. By validating our software and our simulation approach on a regular basis, we can ensure the reliability of our computer simulations.